Fast Online PALS Recertification Program

Northwest Medical Training Institute (NMTI) provides a unique online recertification program designed specifically for health practitioners who are looking for a fast option to complete their PALS renewal. Our philosophy is simple; provide the highest quality PALS renewal course that can be completed 100% online and in a short span of time. Most health professionals can finish this exam within 1 hour or less. In addition to our accelerated examination, NMTI has recently created a new and convenient rushed review service for practitioners who need their PALS card sent the same day via email. We look forward to helping you recertify today through our accelerated program. Register Now $139
Our organization strictly offers PALS recertification online. This program can only be taken by medical professionals who have previously been certified with PALS and their provider status has not expired for over one year.

How Our PALS Online Renewal Course Works

The program is written in a format that reflects clinical guidelines and administrative recommendations found in the most recent American Heart Association (AHA) provider manual. It is composed of fifty questions which have four possible answers with only one being the correct choice. In order to pass the exam, an applicant must answer at least forty out of the possible fifty questions correctly. Those who receive a lesser score can retake the PALS recertification course for free immediately or at their convenience. To achieve the best outcome, we do recommend practitioners purchase the PALS provider manual if they have not recertified or taken a PALS class for an extended period of time.

How To Begin The PALS Program

To get started in the PALS recertification, click here or large purple button above which will take you to our secure order page. There you will have the option to also upgrade your order to include extra features such as faster shipping, same day review and the AHA PALS provider manual. Once you have registered for the PALS online renewal, you will receive immediate access to the exam. The test may be printed to allow you the opportunity to study offline and then return and complete the exam. Note: While the online PALS course is not timed, you must finish it in one sitting as there is no option to save answers and return at a later date to continue the exam.

About Our Same Day Review

We now offer same day review services for practitioners who need their PALS certification card sent via email the same day. This specialized service includes a response with test results and possible digitial provider card sent by our advisors. In order to receive the same day review, you must first purchase this option as an extra add-on when registering for the PALS online recertification examination. Exams must be completed and submitted before 3:00pm EST on weekdays and before 5:00pm EST on weekends in order to be eligibe for this service. Exams submitted Saturday and Sunday with same day review will be graded the same day however email cards will be sent Monday. Those who submit their exams after either of the scheduled times will have their test submissions graded and responded with priority the following day.

Optional PALS Renewal Accessories

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Designed After AHA PALS Manual

Our organization is proud to offer a PALS renewal course that has been designed after the American Heart Association Pediatric Advanced Life Support instructional manual and provider course. The PALS recertification exam applies questions that have been based upon the clinical recommendations found within the AHA PALS provider manual which follows current Emergency Cardiovascular Care (ECC) guidelines. Our board of advisors have chosen to base the recert course upon AHA and American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) accredited material versus creating a private program with content derived from unaccredited sources. This also helps to simplify testing for our applicants as the majority are recommended to have read or possess the most current PALS provider manual.